Paul Andrew
Graphic Designer


Designer and collector of pretty printed papery things.


Co-founder and creative director of Default Blue — a creative design and marketing agency based in the East Midlands — and its sister studio Brand Newark.

Born, raised and schooled in the city of Lincoln, graduating from what was then known as the Lincoln School of Applied Arts & Design, completing three courses over five years culminating with a DipHE in Graphic Design and Illustration.

I was lucky enough to land my first real design job just a few months after graduating. This is what first took me to the dizzying heights of Newark — the next town along basically, and the place I now call home. 

It was here that I joined a couple of former classmates and a small group of friends (mostly teachers) to work on the graphics, illustrations and animations for brand new GCSE revision tool. While we had fun making volcanoes explode and creating cute little green dancing alien characters, in six short months the job was done.

As the job was coming to an end I was propositioned by a couple from the group, wondering whether I would be interested in doing similar work on a more permanent basis. In other words... did I fancy joining forces with a local entrepreneur and a marketeer to build a brand new design agency. The short answer was YES.

Fast-forward 15 years and Default Blue is still going. A lot has happened during this time, many ups and downs, but I feel like there has always been constant growth and development in the business — and for me personally. We're now at the stage where we are able to expand our offering and we have recently launched Brand Newark — a design studio focused on supporting local businesses in my hometown.

Not only do I now create and manage work for two design studios I also try to fit in a few passion projects of my own and somehow find time for my wife and young daughter. Always keeping my mind distracted as that's when the best ideas just seem to happen.

"Inspiration is often found somewhere between thought and distraction."
— Me.