Paul Andrew
Graphic Designer


Designer and collector of pretty printed papery things.


This personal portfolio site gives you a glimpse at the client work created through Default Blue and Brand Newark as well as sharing a few passion projects from the December Studio.

My first break into the design industry came in 2001 after landing some freelance work fresh out of college/university, heading up a small team of designers (and former classmates) to produce graphics and animations for a GCSE revision tool. 

Later that same year I co-founded Default Blue — a design and marketing agency based in the East Midlands — and during the last 15 or more years I've continued to deliver design for print and digital for a number of national and international clients to a consistently high standard, broadening my professional (and personal) skills and experience along the way. 

More recently launching Brand Newark — a local design and marketing agency supporting businesses based in and around my home town of Newark-on-Trent — which has helped to get me out from behind the screen a bit more and forge links and (more importantly) friendships within the local business community. More specifically, getting involved with local networking groups and working as the creative partner for the Newark Young Professionals.

When it comes to my own way of working, I would say that I'm very much an ideas-led designer with an almost obsessive eye for detail. Always able to find that certain something special by listening more closely and looking that little bit deeper to find that one magical and mysterious element that will set the client apart from their competitors.

Whether that's through a subtle play-on-words or the clever use of negative space, I like to reduce things down to it's most succinct form. The outcome of which is to either create the clearest most consistent message possible... or force the audience to stop and study the design to figure out the hidden message or deeper meaning.

Always happy to discuss my work and any potential collaborative projects. You can easily find me on Twitter or out and about at most Glug Brum and Newark Young Professionals events — so come along and say hello in person or simply send an email to