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The beginnings of things


So... I recently had a birthday!

Nothing too remarkable about that you're thinking... we all have them at least once a year.

This was in fact a milestone birthday — reaching the age at which they say life actually begins — and while this turned out to be a fantastic and memorable day for all the right reasons (and culminated in my first experience of an ever-so stunning Espresso Martini) it also served to bring about the same reflections you tend to have at the end of each year, considering your resolutions plans for the future. Combine this with the start of a new year and this could well cause you evaluate things a little.

And by things, I mean I began to evaluate EVERYTHING! Including rudimentary questions, such as...

  • What have I achieved so far?
  • Have I created anything of distinction?
  • How can I improve personally & professionally?
  • What does the future bring?

The answer to these questions, and the many others I have just like them, are still being considered and the results of most will no doubt be forthcoming. The process of deciphering and discovering the answers for these has now been set in motion.

Looking back

Personally, this birthday brought about the end of a very eventful decade full of big life choices and changes. All of which have led me to a much happier point in my life, compared to where I was at as I turned 30.

Professionally, there has also been a great deal of change, but with one thing remaining constant. That being my position at Default Blue. Much has changed around me but for my sins I'm still here after more than 15 years.

Right now

I would like to think that the experiences I've encountered over the last decade have helped to improve me as a person, a professional and ultimately the work that I do. I believe I still work in very much the same way but this time has helped to refine the way in which I work.

As a review of the work I've produced over the last few years I created the 40x40 project.



To mark this momentous milestone I devised my 40x40 project — which essentially showcased my personal favourite 40 marks, logos, graphical elements, etc, created for various clients over the last five years — posting one a day for 40 days, culminating on my actually birthday.

View the full project →

So what next?

Next they'll be more of the same — but when I say more, I mean MORE! Create more new work, make more opportunities, take more chances, experiment and experience more!

Already this year I've taken on 3 new side projects, I'm challenging myself to actually get round to creating all the "great ideas" I've been procrastinating over for years. There's always that "teach myself to code thing" most designers consider dabbling with. I'm also planning to experiment with illustration more and try to develop my own style that will compliment the graphic based work I already produce.

As a result I expect to get far less sleep! In fact, this is something I'm already experiencing and my biggest personal challenge for this year is to find that mythical unicorn that is the perfect work/life balance.

And of course, I'll be sharing more so follow me and you'll be able to see the progress and fruitful results of these personal and professional challenges. Wish me luck!!

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